With Tapestries Life Coaching, women have reclaimed their inner essence. You can too!

“Glorious freedom! Freedom from the hooks of my past that kept me repeating the same patterns of behavior. Freedom from making the same dysfunctional choices over and over. Freedom from believing the stories of how I perceived myself from my childhood events. Freedom to move toward the authenticity of Who I Am. Freedom to be the authentic ME. This is what I gained from the Life Coaching of Susan Tzankow. Susan’s technique exposed the lies hidden within me, and my own truth surfaced. She professionally, with exquisite timing, asked the right questions to allow a shift in my perception. That shift opened my closed, terrified heart to surrender spiritually who I thought I was. Instead of believing my existence is to please others and have others abuse me, I now see the person I was meant to be – precious, loving, and free. I now live a life of fearless love for myself and others.”

– Jennifer, Littleton, Colorado

“Tapestries Life Coaching has allowed me to see things I wasn’t able to see on my own. When I look at my life today, I see possibilities, the value in my life, and my talents – wonderful things I had not been able to see because of issues I was dealing with. I had been in counseling and therapy for years, and life coaching is very fitting for the place I am at right now in my life. I had been overwhelmed by the negative, and now I’m seeing the positive. Susan is so skilled at the art of listening – it’s remarkable! My life coach is like my spiritual companion, someone who gives me guiding hope and helps me navigate muddy waters to the place where everything is clear. I feel like I am in a completely different flow. There’s light and energy in the places that Susan is helping me go, and I am so grateful.” 

– Karen, Federal Heights, Colorado

Tapestry Life Coaching has been so instrumental in helping me move through the places where I am stuck and afraid, so I can embrace a vision for my life that is joyful, purposeful, and successful. Susan does this through her deep listening, insight, and profound ability to get to the heart of the matter. Susan’s life coaching is clear, powerful, and compassionate. She’s able to meet me exactly where I’m at. I am so grateful for her life coaching, and I know my life is fuller, richer, happier, and wealthier because of the investment I have made in myself through Tapestries Life Coaching.”

– Stefany, San Diego, California

“Sometimes life is complicated. I was stuck in a dead-end situation, felt confused by the mess of my thoughts, and didn’t know which direction to take. Above all, my lack of energy paralyzed me. With Susan’s coaching, I regained my energy and learned to value myself. She helped me find my potential and figure out what is important in my life. Now I am now shaping my life the way I want it to be – instead of just letting it happen. I’m much happier now! While I’ve experienced other coaching techniques, Susan’s Tapestries Approach provides a unique process to look at your issues – a process that’s constructive, practical, and experiential. If you feel you aren’t able to make any decisions in your life, to start with, the one and only decision you have to make is to participate in the Tapestries Life Coaching program.”

– Maria, Dusseldorf, Germany

“Susan Tzankow is an amazing professional. Her talent for listening and asking powerful questions helped me reflect about my difficult family situation. Being raised by a dysfunctional alcoholic mother is not an easy subject to talk about, but Susan’s welcoming nature, her experience in the addictions field and with women in recovery, and her unique approach allowed me trust her and feel comfortable opening up. Tapestries Life Coaching helped me discover a different perspective, which helped me understand and accept my feelings. I’m grateful for Susan’s coaching, the relief that I feel, and the power I have regained in this and other challenging situations in my life.”

– Marie, Minneapolis, Minnesota


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