Hello, you courageous, beautiful soul!

I am so happy you are here! This is your invitation. My passion is wholeness for every woman whose life I am privileged to support. I am here to provide you with the platform for your revival!

I have come to realize that it’s critical for us to take care of ourselves, accept ourselves, and embrace every part of who we are – recognizing that we matter, and it’s okay to have a voice. Most important, I have come to trust myself and follow my own inner guidance. I want this liberating experience for you!

It’s critical to feel connected, to be a part of a supportive community, and it’s okay to need others. I longed for something more and found it. Now I want this for you!

Do more than survive your life. Live your life
and love it!

Imagine what it would be like to: 

  • Possess the tools to unravel the lies of who you were told you should be and who you think others need you to be – to feel free to decide and create who you are
  • No longer reject yourself and your past experiences – to honor yourself and all you’ve been through for its soul-deepening value
  • Have a partner who honors your needs because you know how to voice them – to create a thriving relationship where you never lose yourself again
  • Look in the mirror and feel love, respect, and compassion for the one looking back at you – to embrace yourself and all that you are
  • Rediscover your essence and recognize the gift that only you possess – to feel empowered to share your gift with the world
  • Wake up in the morning with enthusiasm and optimism – to naturally prosper because you love your life
  • Feel profoundly connected to yourself, Source, and others – to trust your own inner guidance

The vision I have is for every single one of us. In fact, it’s our birthright! Working together, we can unravel the worn-out threads of your past, so you can weave a new beginning. You can rediscover yourself, unleash the authentic YOU, regain your power, and reclaim your life.

Together, we will celebrate your journey! 

About Tapestries Life Coaching, LLC: 

Embrace your shadow!

A place for connection, community, and personal transformation, Tapestries Life Coaching empowers women to regain their power and reclaim their life. Through Tapestries’ Support Circles, Transformational Integrative Coaching, and Weekend Workshops, women rediscover their authentic self. Make peace with your past, embrace your present, and move forward, toward a purposeful, joy-filled future. Unique in its offerings and abilities, Tapestries Life Coaching guides women as they transform their lives into a journey of awakening and self-discovery – weaving a new beginning!

Biography: Susan Tzankow, BS, CACIII, CICP

Certified Counselor, Master Integrative Life Coach, Codependency Coach and Group Facilitator

Susan Tzankow Certified CounselorAs a counselor, coach and facilitator, Susan Tzankow is known for making it safe to find yourself again. She champions and empowers people and, through her deep listening, guides them to connect with their true self. Susan’s extensive experience as an Addiction Counselor – coupled with her experience as a Master Certified Integrative Coach, her own personal recovery, and her passion for helping women reclaim their lives – inspired her to found Tapestries Life Coaching, LLC.

Susan received her degree in Human Services/Addiction Studies from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Highly skilled in the shadow work of Debbie Ford, Susan holds both Breakthrough Shadow Coaching and Heal your Heart Coaching certifications from The Ford Institute for Transformation. Susan is also a Level III Certified Addiction Counselor   (CACIII) in the state of Colorado.