Unleash your authentic self! 

As a Master Certified Integrative Life Coach and Counselor, Susan Tzankow helps women envision and create a new beginning inspired by the truth within themselves.

  • Have you dreamed of starting over? Recreating yourself in some way? Launching into a new beginning?
  • Deep in your heart, is there a dream or ambition you want to pursue? Does a voice deep inside you say, “I’ve always wanted to …”
  • Maybe you have no idea “what you want to be when you grow up” … are you ready to discover your passion?
  • Do you long to feel empowered, to be yourself, and shine the truth of who you are into all your relationships?
  • Is it time to move beyond the limitations of your past? Is it time to discover the authentic you?

Using her unique integrative and transformational coaching approach, Susan Tzankow will guide you to reconnect with yourself, so you can begin living a soulful life of possibility, fulfillment, and joy.

Why would you want a life coach?

A unique, safe, and powerful experience, Tapestries Transformational Life Coaching empowers you to transform your life into a journey of self-discovery. Your life coach can help you transcend the limitations of your past, regain your power, and reclaim your authenticity.

Remember, you are not “broke” and you don’t need “fixing.” With the support of your own personal coach, you’ll discover that you have all the answers within you. Through powerful questioning, Susan Tzankow will guide you to uncover your inner wisdom and resourcefulness – your authentic truth.

Walking this safe yet adventurous path together, you can get back in touch with the truth of yourself and discover joy!  Susan’s life coaching guides you to rediscover the authentic YOU. Discover how to honor your past, embrace yourself in the present, and look forward, toward your self-inspired future. It’s time to liberate yourself! You can set yourself free!

Are you ready to weave your own magnificent life tapestry?

Tapestries’ unique transformational WEAVE Process™ guides you to be at the cause instead of the effect of your life.

Our 5-step WEAVE Process™ is the “loom,” you are the “weaver,” and your life becomes your magnificent “tapestry,” your work of art.

WONDER about what’s possible – Inquire into what’s working and what’s asking for attention

EXPLORE your inner world – Discover the gifts of every aspect of your self

AWAKEN to your truth – Listen within and rediscover your own inner wisdom

VISION a new beginning – Renew your perceptions and weave a new reality

EXPRESS your authenticity – Live fully connected with your highest self


Your invitation to find out more – and rediscover your magnificence!

Experience it for yourself! Complete the contact form to request a FREE coaching session. Tapestries Life Coaching offers a full, one-hour session that is 100% focused on YOU. This is your opportunity to experience the transformative power of coaching – no matter where you live. Susan Tzankow provides life coaching worldwide by phone or Skype and alternatively in person in Denver, Colorado.

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